About us



IML Academy is a FOREIGN LANGUAGE TRAINING INSTITUTE As well as IML Academy is an overseas education consultancy. IML offers the prime languages such as ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, HINDI, ITALIAN, JAPANESE, RUSSIAN, SPANISH & 15 more languages we also provide IELTS Training. Our method of teaching is based on decades of experience and is our key to making language learning a success at our academy. Exuberant team at IML Academy inspires you to learn the languages effectively. The trainers of IML Academy had attained mastery over their language by spending time into native countries. IML Academy also provide professional Language translation Services for English, French, German,French, Italian, Spanish & 15 more languages.

IML Academy provides Communicative English Courses along with Foreign Languages in Universities, Schools, Colleges, Organizations and Institutions. Language is such a key aspect to setting up children for success in their future professional endeavors. The communication skills that every child learns early in their life will be the foundation for his or her communication abilities for the future. Strong language skills are an asset that will promote a lifetime of effective communication. In addition to the Language courses in schools and other educational institutions, we also provide Teachers Training, Parents Training, Personality Development & Motivational classes.


»   Well Qualified, Experienced & Assorted Language Teaching and Translation Trainers
»   Focus on complete language learning including Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading skills
»   Tailor made courses for individuals and groups.
»   Interactive learning approach to kindle interest about the language
»   Latest Learning Techniques including audio-visual aids
»   Highest possible standard of Training & Learning
»   Induction of the culture / history of a language into our students so as to improve their conversational skills
»   Focused courses of all levels from Elementary To Advanced Level
»   Online interaction with Foreigners to give confidence to our students

All these and many more features of IML Academy make us the best in our field and help us in giving best educational experience to our students.


»   IELTS Training by native English Speaker
»   Customised Training programs
»   Online Courses
»   Outbound overseas Searvices
»   Personality Development and motivational training programs
»   Indo – European Cultural Programs
»   Etiquette (Personal, Social, Public, Dining & Interview)
»   Translation Services for Arabic, English, French, German, Italian & Spanish
»   Communicative English Courses for Schools & Colleges
»   Communicative English with Personality Development & Soft Skills Training for Corporate offices & Proffesionals
»   Teachers Training & Parents Training